Shadwell, Leeds II


23000 £


Leeds stands as one of the UK’s economic powerhouses, rich in heritage and vibrancy. Nestled west of the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, this city combines a thriving economy with a dynamic urban lifestyle.

Nestled on the outskirts of Shadwell civil parish in north-east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, this site is situated in the LS17 postcode area. It falls within the Harewood Parish jurisdiction of Leeds City Council and is supported by the Shadwell Parish Council.

This vibrant neighborhood centre is a sought-after destination, known for its robust housing market and coveted status as one of the city’s most desirable areas. Boasting a variety of local shops and amenities, along with a bustling town centre, top-notch schools, and excellent transport connections, it offers residents a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Site is bordered by Tarn Lane to the north, Brandon Golf Course to the south and southeast, and lush greenery to the east and west. It is primarily surrounded by residential development in the charming area of Shadwell. Additionally, there is a residential dwelling to the northeast of the Site with access from Tarn Lane. Positioned equidistant between the A6120 northern ring road, the A58 Wetherby Road, and the A61 leading to Harewood, the site enjoys an enviable location with convenient access to north Leeds and the neighboring villages.

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SHW02265 sqm
SHW03358 sqm
SHW04261 sqm
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SHW10200 sqm
SHW11200 sqm
SHW12200 sqm
SHW13200 sqm
SHW14200 sqm
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SHW20200 sqm
SHW21200 sqm
SHW22200 sqm
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SHW24217 sqm
SHW25528 sqm
SHW26300 sqm
SHW27202 sqm
SHW28201 sqm
SHW29200 sqm
SHW30200 sqm
SHW31200 sqm
SHW32200 sqm
SHW33200 sqm
SHW34200 sqm
SHW35216 sqm
SHW36211 sqm
SHW37402 sqm
SHW38407 sqm
SHW39334 sqm
SHW40220 sqm
SHW41213 sqm
SHW42207 sqm
SHW43203 sqm
SHW44201 sqm
SHW45200 sqm
SHW46200 sqm
SHW47200 sqm
SHW48200 sqm
SHW49200 sqm
SHW50200 sqm
SHW51200 sqm
SHW52200 sqm
SHW53201 sqm
SHW54202 sqm
SHW55204 sqm
SHW56206 sqm
SHW57218 sqm
SHW58220 sqm
SHW59460 sqm
SHW60232 sqm
SHW61200 sqm
SHW62200 sqm
SHW63200 sqm
SHW64200 sqm
SHW65202 sqm
SHW66202 sqm
SHW67201 sqm
SHW68201 sqm
SHW69201 sqm
SHW70212 sqm
SHW71251 sqm
SHW72253 sqm
SHW73243 sqm
SHW74219 sqm
SHW75218 sqm
SHW76218 sqm
SHW77218 sqm
SHW78217 sqm
SHW79217 sqm
SHW80217 sqm
SHW81216 sqm
SHW82216 sqm
SHW83216 sqm
SHW84215 sqm
SHW85215 sqm
SHW86215 sqm
SHW87214 sqm
SHW88214 sqm
SHW89214 sqm
SHW90213 sqm
SHW91213 sqm
SHW92208 sqm
SHW93212 sqm
SHW94217 sqm
SHW95217 sqm
SHW96217 sqm
SHW97217 sqm
SHW98216 sqm
SHW99216 sqm
SHW100216 sqm
SHW101215 sqm
SHW102215 sqm
SHW103215 sqm
SHW104214 sqm
SHW105214 sqm
SHW106214 sqm
SHW107213 sqm
SHW108213 sqm
SHW109213 sqm
SHW110212 sqm
SHW111212 sqm
SHW112306 sqm
SHW113260 sqm
SHW114272 sqm
SHW115271 sqm
SHW116270 sqm
SHW117269 sqm
SHW118268 sqm
SHW119267 sqm
SHW120266 sqm
SHW121264 sqm
SHW122263 sqm
SHW123262 sqm
SHW124261 sqm
SHW125260 sqm
SHW126259 sqm
SHW127258 sqm
SHW128252 sqm
SHW129256 sqm
SHW130262 sqm
SHW131261 sqm
SHW132261 sqm
SHW133261 sqm
SHW134261 sqm
SHW135261 sqm
SHW136261 sqm
SHW137260 sqm
SHW138260 sqm
SHW139260 sqm
SHW140260 sqm
SHW141260 sqm
SHW142259 sqm
SHW143259 sqm
SHW144254 sqm
SHW145252 sqm